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About Simplice Credit Card Processing

When life gives us lemons, Let's make Lemoncello!

Years ago, I was able to chase my dream of becoming a chef.  What I discovered cooking in incredible kitchens is the focus on keeping it Simple – Simplice.  Use the best ingredients, follow the recipe, show up.  Sounds basic – it is.  It’s a Simplice recipe for success.

  I’ve been working with business owners since Dec 2017 to eliminate junk fees and process their payments more efficiently.  Whether you’re taking a payment from your phone at the market, “chipping” a card with a stand alone terminal by the register, or swiping a card through your POS station; each business has it’s own unique challenges and requirements for accepting payments in a timely manner. 

  Your business is unique.  I’d like to learn more about you, what you’re passionate about, what drives you and see if we’re able to help grow your business processing your payments more efficiently.